Altra-Air fans blanket a very large area with constantly moving air to create an expansive comfort zone. As a result, in hot humid weather these big ceiling fans will create an evaporative cooling effect of two to four degrees Celsius throughout. During the heating season the Altra-Air fan technology can de-stratify uneven temperatures that can be in excess of fifteen degrees Celsius from floor to ceiling. This results in significant energy savings.

Industrial Fans
Tubercle Technology™ blades
Altra-Air Fans

Tubercle Technology™ blades outperform all conventional airfoils. They accomplish this by:

  • Offering stall angles as high as 22°
  • Always stalling gradually.
  • Eliminating span-wise pumping; the primary cause of efficiency loss in all rotating systems.
  • Eliminating tip stalling; the primary cause of blade noise and damaging vibration.
  • Lowering noise by offering Tubercle Technology's™ hyper-stability which also lowers vibrations which cause wear and tear on the blades and drive train.

Benefits of Altra-Air Fans

  • Quiet, efficient operation, no annoying high speed circulating or exhaust fans.
  • Virtually maintenance free (recommended inspection every 20,000 hours)
  • Inexpensive to operate. Costs approximately 6 cents per hour for one fan at 0.75 kw.
  • Greatly reduce the "recovery" time when overhead doors are open with a constant flow of air throughout the space.
  • Provide a constant even temperature from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.
  • Will minimize the need for expensive duct work in new construction for both heating and air conditioning systems.
  • A comfortable workplace environment increases productivity and decreases absenteeism.